Mt Blåtinden

Blåtinden er det høyeste fjellet i Ulstein kommune med sine 697 høydemetre. Det finnes flere ruter opp, denne turen gikk fra Ringstaddalen ovenfor Haddal. // Mt Blåtinden is the highest mountain in Ulstein municipality with its 697 meters. There are several route options, this hike followed the trail starting in “ringstaddalen” above the village Haddal.


Turen opp tar mindre enn 1 time, så det er liten innsats for en flott utsikt. På bildet ovenfor ser man mot Ørstafjorden, Liadalsnipa stikker frem bak varden. //This hike takes less than an hour, so it is not much of an effort to make for the amazing views you get to witness in every direction from the summit. One the Picture above you see towards the Ørsta fjord, Mt. Liadalsnipa peeking out from behind the cairn.



Utsikt mot Vartdal, nabofjellet Kongsvollen rett frem. //Views towards the village Vartdal, Kongsvollen is the name of the mountain on the left side of the picture.


Utsikt mot Herøy Kommune. //Towards Herøy municipality.


På veien er det også skiltet mot Kongsvollen på to steder så man kan fint kombinere de to toppene i en tur. //On my way down from Mt Blåtinden, Mt Kongsvollen (in the picture) is the neighbour mountain. Along the trail there are signs pointing towards Kongsvollen as well so it is an option to combine the two summits in one hike.

Pictures taken October 8th 2016.


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