Åvasstinden is a mountain in Ørsta muncipality. This hike started from Høgebakken in Nordre Vartdal. Åvasstinden is the mountain in the picture with some fog at the top.

Instead of walking straight ahead between the cabins as I would if hiking Middagshornet, I looked to the right and headed for the red cabin with “fjellro” written on it.  “Fjellro” means mountain peace. The trail to Åvasstinden continues behind this cabin but quickly disappears so you sort of just choose your own path. I aimed for  “Store Kuven” (The hill in front of Mt Åvasstinden).


Lots of great mountains in this area.



Views towards the village Nordre Vartdal.


Mt Åvasstinden is namned after this water called “Åvatnet”.


Almost on top of Store Kuven, and I sort of regretted going over this hill instead of around it cause it was steep and slippery.


Beautiful small waters with scenic mountains in the back.


The summit. The roundtrip takes about 3-3.5 hours.


After a few minutes on the summit bad weather came in fast, and the hike back down was filled with heavy rain and strong winds.


Pictures taken September 11th 2016.

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