Laugavegur, Iceland part 3

The last part of our hike on the Laugavegurinn trail went from Emstrur to Þórsmörk and was about 15 km in length.ic1

We started the day walking around the canyon in “Syðri – Emstruá” and down a very steep path with ropes as support leading to some bridges.



From there, the trail went upwards again to the area called “Almenningar”.



At “allmenningar” we ran into some locals (the sheep).




An odd looking mountain, we thought it looked like it had horns on each side.


The landscape is starting to change into the greener, looks like we are done with the “desert”.


The glacier Mýrdalsjökull straight ahead, the 4th largest glacier in Iceland. Underneath it you find the volcano Katla, which last erupted in 1918.




Over the hill in front of us and then we should be close to the finish line..


But first we have to cross the river “Þröngá”, to my despair. The last river we crossed almost sent me into a cold shock, I mean, I knew we had to cross rivers of glacier water but jeeeez..



Luckily I made it over just fine and from there it was a 30 minute walk through a forest before we arrived at Husadalur.


55 km done, and we had finished the Laugavegur trail in 3 days. We slept here in our tent and caught a bus the next morning at 8 am back to Reykjavik.

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