Sant Jeroni

When vacationing in Barcelona for a long weekend, we wanted to experience some hiking as well as hanging out at the beach and in Barcelona City Centre.


We found our way to Montserrat, a multi-peak mountain in Catalonia, Spain. The highest summit is Sant Jeroni at 1236 meters above sea level.


The mountain is located about an hour outside Barcelona by train. If you want to get here from Barcelona go to Espanya rail station and look for line R5 heading for Manresa. There are train departures every hour.

At about 700 meters in altitude is a monestary, a cable car ride or a ride with the rack railway will take you up there from the train station.


Looking down at the monastery.


The hike to the summit Sant Jeroni is about 3 km from the Sant Joan rack railway stop.


The pinnacle in the middle of the picture above is called Cavall Bernat and is 1111 meters above sea level.


Above you see the Sant Salvador pinnacles, if you look closely at the one to the right you can see two people who climbed up.


Montserrat is actually one of Spain’s national parks.


The summit.


From the summit you can see all the way to the Pyrenees and Majorca on a good day.



Montserrat literally means “jagged mountain” in Catalan. It describes the peculiar aspect of the rock formation.


Pictures taken July 29th 2016.


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